Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just for Peter

He, like everyone else is still complaining about not having pictures. Why?, you might ask, well, the answer is simple really I forgot to tell anyone about the damn'm gonna give everyone a link after I get done with this if I remember...So, on to picture madness...
There is the caterpillar that Abi was playing with the other day... (there's knitting stuff after this I promise) (PS: this post seems really really long but it's really just a bunch of pictures!)
And then there was the car show/WWKIPD which many people missed out on
Here is the sideways picture of the awsome banner and Holly...

and everyone attacking her with scissors
there were lots of crappy pictures of the old cars. here's one...

This is for Holly (she made me walk a whole bunch to take these pictures!!!

And here's me drooling all over the old coke truck (it was pretty)

And other random stuff:

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  1. Well it is about time......LOL