Saturday, June 27, 2009

Funny Story

So John's home for a few days because he went to a birthday party yester day and just hasn't gone back to grandma's yet. As I was working on this:
ZPDK Banner
John saw Em holding a shovel and says "Who's the murderer?" So I had to explain to him that we weren't murderers but actually zombie slayers. He then went on to ask who and why and so I explained to him about our wonderful group. Then as I was working on this one:
ZPDK 468X60
he asked if he could be in our group. I told him that he had to actually knit something first. Then I got the idea to have the dead zombie so I made him play dead on my floor (which caused my cat to freak out) and took his picture and told him that that was his first step, he still has to knit something. I taught him how awhile ago, but he still needs practice. Anywho, thought that it was funny so I thought I would share.

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