Sunday, August 9, 2009

My House Hates me too

Ugh...I came home yesterday around I don't know 7:00ish...unlock the door to find no one home. Of course since no one was home the stupid alarm thing was set. It took me probably close to two minuets before I could finally convince the thing that the code I had entered in the past seventy times was actually the right one. The thing is set so that it calls the cops after thirty seconds...yeah that was fun. I waited for about twenty minuets hoping that the stupid cops would show up guns drawn surrounding the house. THAT would have been fun. Unfortunately I'm NOT that cool so just one cop dude showed up and asked me a bunch of stupid questions before leaving. To make this wonderful night even better while waiting for the cops to show I found that both the Internet and the TV was out. Apparently the storm really fucked with our electrical stuff so yeah fun, fun stuff.